Isolation Quarantine Tents for Sale

Isolation Quarantine Tents for Sale ( EMERGENCY STOCK AVAILABLE )

Isolation Quarantine Tents for Sale. Tents Manufactures Supplier South Africa. Buy Tents for Corona Pandemic. Call +27 087 056 2569

In order for the public to stay safe here, we have implemented preventative measures aligned to guidelines from the Department of Health (DoH), National Institute for Communicable Diseases (NICD) and World Health Organisation (WHO).

Isolation Quarantine Tents for Sale

These tents are designed according to world health organization standards. It’s fast and easy to set up on the open ground and its been design with all social distancing. Refugee Tents is the market leaders in tent design, tent manufacture and supply of Marquees and Tents in Africa. Our tents are designed to be easily erected, long-lasting and possess an aesthetic appeal. We offer a vast range of marquees, canvas tents as well as accessories. Our skilled team are able to manufacture and deliver to your customized wedding tents, beautiful Bedouin tents, and temporary shelter tents of industry and international standards. We will tailor-make a tent according to their specifications, from colour, design and size. If you are looking to make a lasting impression, our talented team will ensure that the product does just that. Refugee Tents provides unlimited solutions for all types of large scale temporary structure applications in the utmost style and design. Our extensive range of large tent structures is available in a variety of clear span widths ranging from 5m up to 50m wide. Large event marquee structures are supplied in numerous shapes, design and sizes and can be custom designed to your specifications.

Isolation Quarantine Tents for Sale

There is a solution for every emergency application, tailored to your needs and wishes. We provide temporary, demountable structures fast, flexible and cost-effective when and where it’s needed. Structures can be provided as a turn key solution from an empty car park to full working facility so you can be up and running within just days.

Isolation Quarantine Tents for Sale. We are major supplier of tents and tent accessories. Designed to be easily erected, versatile and modular, it provides shelter and protection for accommodation and field Isolation Quarantines in support of today’s expeditionary force philosophy. At a time of natural disaster it is vital to be able to react quickly. We have many years of experience in responding to urgent requirements enabling us to ensure reliable and rapid delivery. We have a crisis stock of Isolation Quarantine Tentsor Natural Disasters Tent that are available directly, at any time.

Manufacturers of Isolation Quarantine Tents South Africa

Isolation Quarantine Tents Manufacturers. Isolation Quarantine Tents are made up of rip stop canvas and comes in an olive green color as well as sandy beige. Isolation Quarantine Tents are used as Military Tents, Shelter Tents, Isolation Quarantine Tents, Emergency tents and can also be used for camping tents. All our tents can be easily branded and can be made to your specification and are 100 percent waterproof. When you contact our company either by phone, email or chat we will be there to assist you every step of the way. Our knowledgeable sales team will help you with product questions, delivery and sales quotes. We are an approved supplier to numerous authorities we covered many international markets including Government and NGO authorities.

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