Rhino Tuff Canvas Tents is a top manufacturer, supplier, distributor and wholesaler in South Africa. We provide some of the finest tents in the business which are sturdy, versatile, safe and waterproof at Low Price. We provide you with outstanding tents structures which are manufactured from the best quality materials. Our extensive range of tents is available in a variety of widths to suit your specific requirements.

We provide endless solutions for all types of large-scale temporary structure applications in the greatest style and design. Our wide range of large tent structures is available in a variety of clear span widths ranging from 5m to 60m wide. Large marquee structures are supplied in various shapes, design and sizes and can be custom designed to your specifications. As with all TentsforSale structures, the use of only great quality, high-grade aluminium, galvanized steel and heavy-duty PVC is used in the manufacture of our Tents and Marquees to face all extreme weather conditions.

Rhino Tuff Canvas Tents is the market leaders in design, manufacture and supply of Marquees and Tents in South Africa

To perform for our clients the top level of superiority construction services at reasonable and market competitive prices. To guarantee the long life of our company through repeat and referral business fulfil by customer satisfaction in all zones including appropriateness, attention to detail and service-minded attitudes. To keep up the uppermost levels of professionalism, honesty, goodness and impartiality in our relations with our suppliers, expert associates and customers. Our aim is only to satisfy the customer by providing high-end quality tents which meets the international standard worldwide.